Quiet, silent water, there is a lake in the forest; nobody is there, just birds and deer. The rain is too fine it is hard to notice. The sunlight does not burn, it gives only a warm feeling. No sound from the water. Sometimes elves, fauns and nymphs gather there; the place is so still that you could hear anybody’s thoughts. Cold pure water.

The lake is a mirror, if you could see your reflection you wouldn’t see your face, for only feelings are reflected there. Human eyes are not able to see, human brains cannot understand. That is a sacred place, it shall not be stained by mortal filth.

Once a demon arrived there, it was a long time ago, he wanted to steal some of the water thinking that it would increase his power. But the water has a mind of its own, a will that cannot be tamed. When the devil drank it, his mouth, throat, and heart were immediately frozen.

There was a legend about a human reaching its water; a little girl called Herhey. She got lost in a Scandinavian forest, after one day she cried herself to sleep. When she woke up and saw the lake, she gently touched the water. The boldness of the girl was forgiven because of her innocence; her life was spared, but since that day, she was condemned to silence.

Centuries passed along, the lake had some important ages, playing significant parts in the history of gods. But now, the world is changing, eternal beings are growing weak, the rain is no longer safe. Nothing is sacred any more, the water is turbid, the surface is dark. It waits for destruction to come, it waits in silence. No matter what, it won’t make a sound.


One Response to “Quiet”

  1. B for Borras Says:

    Is sad seeing and knowing that places like these are destroyed by the ignorance, stupidity and avarice of the man.
    Certainly the Earth is changing, not to die, but in this change the life as we know could die. Is the risk that we have to front.

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