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Conservation Medicine

March 5, 2010

We live in a polluted world, a corrupted world, a destroyed world. And the truth is that humans don’t give a dam about it. As long as we are comfortable, gaining more money, social status and power, we don’t care about tomorrow, we don’t care if we’ll get sick, if our food comes from tortured animals.

Is it because of human nature? Is it because of our education?

Why is a gay couple much more frightening than thousands of extinct species? We are horrified by someone with different believes, but we are indifferent to social injustice. Living a comfortable life is more important than the people who was exploited to get it.

Based on this we can conclude that humans are shortsighted, cannot foresee, not even for our own wellbeing. We are indifferent to the suffering of others (humans and animals) as long as we are fine.

Is it wrong of me (and some others) to refuse to accept this, to fight for a change? Is it foolish, naive?

Every day we have more evidence that there is only ONE health in the world, one which includes humans, animals and the environment. We are all connected, we are all the same, one cannot live without the others. But humans are too proud/pompous/stupid/ignorant/selfish/blind/apathetic to understand.

In the end, me (and some others) are not willing to give up, we will keep working for the things we believe, fighting even for those who are against us, aware or unaware of their actions. And in my area, (conservation medicine) dedicating our lives to help and protect animals.

What about you?